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Australia's Next Top Model: Week Five.

My top three in this weeks episode of Australia's Next Top Model.

The girls flew to my home town of Melbourne for their go-see challenge and 'Melbourne Chic' themed photoshoot.
Amanda was the luckiest girl in the world after winning the go-see challenge 
taking home designs from Life With Bird, Alannah Hill and more excitedly, 
a custom-made design from the boys from couture label J'Aton.

Kelsey was still my favourite this week.
She can do no wrong when it comes to the photoshoots.
And she proved this by winning the Impulse campaign along with Joanna.

Hallelujah Kimberley is gone.
However, next week should still be an interesting week.

1. Kelsey + 2. Brittney + 3. Amanda

PS. The photoshoot was taken place in one of my favourite spots in Melbourne.
These alleyways are so intimate and the perfect place for lunch and a gossip session with the girls.
You can find all walks of life, mostly young hip kids hanging out and exploring Melbourne culture.
It's Melbourne in all its glory. 

Source: fox8/antm.